“Not all those who wander are Lost”

I want to explore the destruction and reconstruction of our own reality – my process as a path to re-consider the conventions of figurative painting through a continued pursuit toward abstraction. The goal is to create paintings with a deeper sense of engagement, with matters beyond what is visible, as a mental mirror, questioning the nature of painting itself and the identity as something deconstructed, created, and tangible.

Me, myself as the protagonist in this exploration. Locked up in an illusion of freedom and false choices, stuck in between worlds, the so called Limbo. We may be able to change our environment, deconstruct or reconstruct our bodies, but what’s in our minds haunts us wherever we go, as our shadow. Always present, never really disappearing.

The side which feeds my need or urge to make a painting that is not a failure, there is no way that I can see myself not continuing in it. But with a chance of failure behind me it certainly does not make it any easier. The aims of Art, at least in the terms that I personally define them, are worthwhile, but I feel, ultimately unobtainable.

As a wandering soul, not lost but searching, deeply, facing my own reality. Using my own work as a mirror for myself and a question mark for those who lay their eyes on it.

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